Cerumen Management

Commonly called earwax, cerumen is an integral part of your ear’s ability to hear and stay healthy. Working as a barrier of defense that keeps external debris from getting deep into our ears, cerumen protects the delicate tissue of our ear canals by coating and lubricating them. Earwax also has antimicrobial elements that help keep infections at bay. While earwax offers a host of benefits, it is possible to end up with too much of it. This can result in temporary hearing loss, earaches, or worse.

If you have impacted cerumen it’s important to have it removed by a professional, because it’s all too easy to damage the delicate membrane of our eardrums. Cleaning your own ear canal is typically not as effective or as safe as professional removal.

Many times our audiologists are able to remove cerumen quickly and easily in the office, and some instances can be addressed with a take-home kit. At Advanced Audiology Institute, we are trained to inspect and safely remove impacted earwax to restore your hearing health and comfort. Don’t let excess earwax cause you discomfort – contact our office for relief today!

Man cleaning his ear in conventional way