Your First Visit

Three Convenient Locations


Your initial appointment with us will entail adjusting and fitting your hearing aids to your exact needs, yet much of the work in getting acclimated to your devices takes place once you return to your daily life. There can be a learning curve when it comes to using hearing aids, as your brain must remember how to process the sounds that you’ve been missing. This transition might make your devices seem strange at first, but as your brain and ears adjust it will become more comfortable over time.

Sometimes the process of adapting to hearing aids requires several appointments to make sure they are fine-tuned in just the right way. We’re happy to offer follow-up visits to help your hearing aids perform in an optimum capacity, because a properly adjusted device can accelerate and ease the natural adjustment process.

At Advanced Audiology Institute, we ensure your hearing aids are perfectly programmed, allowing your brain to acclimate well to the amplified sounds. We’ve been accurately adjusting hearing aids for 8 years and are happy to properly adjust your hearing aids, no matter where you purchased them.

What to Expect at Your First Visit