High quality hearing aids and hearing health care.

High quality hearing aids and hearing health care.

The staff at AAI is dedicated to providing you with comprehensive evaluations, diagnoses, and management of hearing conditions, vestibular disorders, and more. Offering an array of comprehensive services at competitive prices is what makes our practice so unique. Visit the following links to learn more about how we can help.


If you’ve noticed that sounds seem a little softer than normal lately or you have a hard time hearing what others are saying, you might be experiencing hearing loss. In order to develop an accurate diagnosis and create a treatment plan that’s suitable for your needs, you’ll first need a hearing evaluation.


At Advanced Audiology Institute, we only recommend hearing devices if we believe you could truly benefit from them. After your evaluation, if you feel that a hearing aid might be right for you, we will discuss the various types of devices available.


The next step on the path toward improved hearing comes with the fitting and adjusting of your hearing aids. Unlike a new pair of glasses, you can’t just put hearing aids on and go about your day. For optimum comfort and functionality, they need to be adjusted by an audiologist.


Like any high tech device, your hearing aid is made up of many small parts. Despite their durability, hearing aids aren’t built to last forever and occasionally need servicing and repair. If you find that you’re in need of maintenance for your device, contact our office today.


Our ears function in an amazing way, and while they are able to withstand a constant barrage of sound, they can also be damaged if exposed to loud noises. The threshold for everyday noises is right around 85 decibels, and the sounds we encounter from lawn mowers, bulldozers, city traffic, or rock concerts can all top that range.


Legislation in 2017 has allowed hearing aids to become sold in an over the counter capacity, giving more individuals access to much needed hearing assistance. The devices are aimed at those with mild to moderate hearing loss and are far less expensive than a prescription device.


Commonly called earwax, cerumen is an integral part of your ear’s ability to hear and stay healthy. Working as a barrier of defense that keeps external debris from getting deep into our ears, cerumen protects the delicate tissue of our ear canals by coating and lubricating them.


Early detection of hearing loss in children can be key in improving their auditory experience of life and ensuring they meet developmental milestones in the years to come. Children depend on a healthy hearing ability for normal speech and language development, and even things as simple as frequent ear infections can interfere with their natural development of reading, speech, and comprehension.


Hearing aids have the ability to improve the quality of our hearing and of our overall lives by amplifying the sounds around us. They perform an incredible task every minute that we wear them, and yet for some individuals with significant hearing loss, they aren’t enough to improve hearing to the desired degree.


Dizziness or loss of balance is a common complaint heard in doctor’s offices. While the sensation of being dizzy can be unsettling, any problems with your equilibrium may actually indicate serious health concerns and can dramatically increase the risk of injury from falls. At Advanced Audiology Institute, we provide expert assessment of balance disorders, which often have their origin in the vestibular system of the inner ear.

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