Hearing Consultations

At Advanced Audiology Institute, we only recommend hearing devices if we believe you could truly benefit from them. After your evaluation, if you feel that a hearing aid might be right for you, we will discuss the various types of devices available.

Hearing healthcare technology has advanced dramatically in recent years, and the options for hearing aids are more extensive than ever before. Whether you’re looking for a low cost solution that helps improve your hearing or you’d benefit from an advanced device with Bluetooth technology, it’s our job to educate you.

Our recommendations are based on your lifestyle and your comfort level with certain technologies or accessories, and are never sales driven. We create a low-pressure environment that truly focuses on the solution that will be best for you.

Come into Advanced Audiology Institute today to learn more about the wide range of hearing solutions we have available.

A professional helping a woman to choose a hearing device during consultation
Hearing Consultations