Hearing Aid Fittings

The next step on the path toward improved hearing comes with the fitting and adjusting of your hearing aids. Unlike a new pair of glasses, you can’t just put hearing aids on and go about your day. For optimum comfort and functionality, they need to be adjusted by an audiologist.

During your fitting we will adjust your device to your specific needs, as various work environments or fun activities might require individualized settings. You’ll also learn:


  • How to use your hearing aids
  • How to insert and remove them correctly
  • How to change your hearing aid batteries
  • How to properly clean and store your devices

Every pair of hearing aids we fit to our patients is adjusted with accuracy by our professionals to meet your precise hearing needs. Although the left and right hearing aids will probably not fit exactly the same or sound the same, your devices should be comfortable with respect to physical fit and sound quality.

Acclimating to hearing aids can entail a bit of a learning curve, as your brain will take time getting used to processing the sounds that you haven’t been able to hear. Most patients didn’t lose their hearing overnight, and there’s a chance you won’t fully adjust to your devices in one day either. Yet with time, determination, and patience, you’ll soon enjoy life in full audio once again!

For optimal success, wear your hearing aids as often as possible and pay close attention to any situations where things don’t sound quite right. A record of these instances will help our audiologists to fine tune your device for the best results. We encourage follow-up visits to allow for reprogramming and ultimate comfort of your hearing aids, and getting them to work perfectly for you is well worth the time it might take.

A professional helping a patient test a hearing device
Hearing Aid Fitting