Over The Counter Hearing Devices

Legislation in 2017 has allowed hearing aids to become sold in an over the counter capacity, giving more individuals access to much needed hearing assistance. The devices are aimed at those with mild to moderate hearing loss and are far less expensive than a prescription device.

Advanced Audiology Institute offers over the counter hearing aids for your convenience, with a selection of devices that can help to improve your day to day hearing. Our audiologists are trained in fitting and repairing all styles of hearing aids, and can help you navigate which option is right for you.

We also have assistive listening devices available if you find that your hearing aids aren’t giving you the level of hearing you’re looking for. While a hearing aid works to make various noises louder, an assistive listening device (ALD) can help to reduce other distracting environmental noises.

When coupled with a hearing aid, an ALD can work with your radio, mobile phone, or even your alarm clock. They may enable you to complete daily tasks a little easier and add to the benefit your hearing aids can provide.

Many patients find they benefit from utilizing the following devices and accessories:

  • Telephone amplifying devices
  • TV listening systems
  • Swim molds
  • Musician’s monitors
  • Alarm clocks
  • Bluetooth connectivity

If you’re interested in an over the counter hearing aid or assistive listening device, contact our office to learn more

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Over The Counter Hearing Devices