Cochlear Implants

Hearing aids have the ability to improve the quality of our hearing and of our overall lives by amplifying the sounds around us. They perform an incredible task every minute that we wear them, and yet for some individuals with significant hearing loss, they aren’t enough to improve hearing to the desired degree.

In this instance, we may recommend a cochlear implant, an electronic medical device that allows you to hear by bypassing your inner ear. They take on the role of the damaged portions of your ear’s anatomy and send signals directly to the brain for interpretation.

Through a surgical procedure, a cochlear implant’s electrodes send signals through your cochlea straight to your auditory nerve, which in turn transfer the signals to your brain. At Advanced Audiology Institute, we are experienced in helping patients determine if a cochlear implant might be right for them.

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Four Cochlear Implants
Cochlear Implants