Early detection of hearing loss in children can be key in improving their auditory experience of life and ensuring they meet developmental milestones in the years to come. Children depend on a healthy hearing ability for normal speech and language development, and even things as simple as frequent ear infections can interfere with their natural development of reading, speech, and comprehension.

Symptoms of Hearing Loss in Children

Depending on the age of the child, signs of possible hearing loss can vary. They include not startling at loud sounds, speech delay, or academic difficulties.


  • Not startling at loud noises
  • Unable to localize sounds
  • Not showing normal speech development

Toddler and Older:

  • Speech and language delays
  • Academic difficulties/delays
  • Needing louder than “normal” volume to hear television
  • Needing multiple verbal repetitions
  • Stating that he/she is having difficulty hearing

Children with hearing loss have a variety of treatments available to them, but early screening and detection is key when it comes to their success. At Advanced Audiology Institute, we offer newborn hearing screenings as well as evaluations for children of all ages. 

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